Education has always been an essence of society. It’s the pillar on which rests human existence and values. The school also holds the key to the prosperity, integrity and strength of the nation. We strive at our end to inculcate in every student a sense of virtue and wisdom, the skills and attitudes that would help them explore and excel a quest for knowledge. This would lead them to the final goal i.e. Excellence in all what they do in their lives. We value individualism, creativity and always strive to nurture them in our students.

Our motto “nwrlysssbandikui” is at the centre of all activities we do at the school. We aim to grow knowledge in the real life right from schooling. Hence, apart from imparting knowledge, we, sincerely make effort, to inculcate in them compassion, tolerance and respect for one another inside and outside the school.

We also encourage them to participate in scholastic, co-scholastic, and co-curricular activities like music, dance and art. We also make an effort to develop leadership qualities in the students so that they can serve the society and prove themselves the best citizens of the country.
In a technology prevalent era, we have incorporated computers, projectors etc. as teaching aids, to make the teaching material more interesting and graspable.
We are confident that our continuous endeavor will help us create talented, hardworking and sincere young citizens who will shine as Lamps of Love in their homes, radiating courage, joy and hope in the society.